Today’s farm to glass cocktail

Pear, orange, apple, mint, bubbles 12.



Black belluga lentil soup
Broccoli stems, pickled cabbage 7. / 9.

Brussels sprouts
Smoked bacon, lemon tarragon butter, burrata 15.

Beef tenderloin, dried egg yolk, fresh horseradish, cilantro, olive oil 14.

Seafood stew*
Smoked bacon, leek nage ,mussels, clams, octopus, Grand Central rye 13.

Artisan cheese plate
Roasted nuts, cajeta, housemade pickles, Grand Central levain 12. / 16..




Anchovy dressing, dried cherries, pine nuts, sage croutons, pecorino 14.
Add chicken* 6. Add farm egg* 1. Add bleu cheese 1.

Beet salad

Stoneboat Farm’s kohlrabi, jasmine, aged balsamic, Portland Creamery goat cheese 13.
Add chicken* 6. Add farm egg* 1. Add bleu cheese 1.

Dungeness crab salad

Gathering Together Farm’s, watercress, blood orange, pickled garlic dressing, tarragon 14.
Add chicken* 6. Add farm egg* 1.




Lamb ragu, plum tomatoes, garlic, parmesan, parsley 14.


Squash, ricotta, lemon broccoli sauce, Oregon white truffle-parsley oil 14.


Cauliflower, caramelized onion, basil-walnut pesto 14.



Chicken sandwich*

Provolone, basil-walnut pesto, pickled kohlrabi, Grand Central rye 14.

Bacon sandwich*

Sunny side up egg, harissa aioli, mixed greens, Grand Central brioche 13.

Housemade pastrami sandwich*

Gruyère cheese, clarklewis sauerkraut, stone ground aioli, Grand Central brioche 14.

Grilled burger*

Mixed greens, pickled red onion, mustard aioli, Grand Central brioche bun 14.
Add farm egg 1. Add Gruyère cheese 1. Add pork belly 2. Add bleu cheese 1.



Barley stew

Brussels sprout leaves, carrots, squash, cilantro 15.

Roasted chicken

Celery root pureé, roasted carrots, mint, sweet glaze 17.


Potatoes, red onion, carrot nage 19.

St. Helens NY steak*

Brussle sprouts, huckleberry balsamic 20.



zero proof

San Pellegrino sparkling water (500mL) 3.5
San Pellegrino sparkling flavored soda
aranciata, limonata 3.5
Cock & Bull Ginger Beer 3.5
Bundaberg Brewing Root Beer 5.
Arnold Palmer 3.
Lemonade 3.
Iced Tea 3.

Caffè Umbria organic coffee
Brewed coffee 3.5.
Espresso 2.5.
Cappuccino 3.5.
Caffe latte 3.5.

Rishi artisan teas

Earl Grey 3.5
English Breakfast 3.5
Jade Cloud green tea 3.5
Jasmine 3.5
Chamomile Medley 3.5
Peppermint 3.5
Tangerine Ginger 3.5
Turmeric Ginger 3.5

house specialty cocktails

new york sour
Bulleit bourbon, lime, lemon, simple syrup, float
of house red wine 9.

moscow mule
New Deal vodka, fresh lime, ginger beer 9.

st. something
House gin, lemon, st. germaine, prosecco 9.


Pfriem Brewing Co., Pilsner Hood River, OR 6.5

Boneyard Brewing Co., IRA Bend, OR 6.5

Everybody’s Brewing Co., IPA White Salmon, WA 6.5

Laurelwood Brewing Co., Espresso stout Portland, OR 6.5


Ground Breaker, Gluten-Free Pale Ale Portland, OR 12.

Finnriver, Farmcrafted Cider Olympic Peninsula, WA 14.

Clausthaler NA beer Germany 5.


Chocolate & espresso stout cake
Chocolate mousse, chocolate & stout gelato, pecan praline, semi-sweet chocolate sauce 11.

Vanilla bean cheesecake
Huckleberry gelato, lemon crėme, oat crumble 10.

Cranberry sorbet
Orange & honey granita, almond shortbread 10.