Featured mimosa

Strawberry, lemon, grapefruit, ginger, agave syrup, bubbles 11.




Potato and porcini mushroom soup 7. / 9.

Fennel frond oil, fennel fonds


Artisan cheese plate

Roasted nuts, citrus marmalade, house-made pickles, baguette 5. / 9.


Radicchio & kale salad

Toasted almonds, bottarga dressing, snap peas, fresh cherries, parmesan 11. Add grilled chicken  6.



Avocado, cured salmon, pickled peppers, fresh horseradish 12.




Flageolet bean ragù

Groundworks turnips, rhubarb, porcini mushrooms, roasted garlic, pecorino 13.


Little gem lettuce salad

Oregon bleu cheese, mixed olives, pickled red onion, lardons, soft boiled egg  14.

Add grilled chicken breast 6.


Oregon black cod*

Strawberry nage, potatoes, onion tops, toasted pistachios 16.


Steamed little neck clams

Lardons, cioppino, fresh brioche  17.


Housemade  pastrami sandwich

clarklewis sauerkraut, gruyère, whole grain mustard, Grand Central rye sourdough  13


Wood fire grilled burger*

Mixed greens, pickled red onion, mustard aioli, Grand Central brioche bun 12.

add farm egg  1.  add white cheddar  1.  add bleu cheese  2.  add pork belly   2.


Braised lamb terrine

Cauliflower puree, crispy potato, roasted carrots, squash 19.


St. Helen’s hanger steak

Groundworks turnips, carrots, onion tops, herb compound butter  21.



Potato and porcini mushroom  soup

Fennel frond oil, fennel fonds

Fried chicken

Little gem salad, pickled peppers, herb pesto

Citrus pound cake

Macerated strawberries, orange creamsicle  sauce

*No substitutions please