Butternut squash soup
parmesan, olive oil cup 7. bowl 8.

Artisan cheese plate
Oregon hazelnuts, citrus marmalade, housemade water crackers 5. / 9.

Autumn harvest field greens
fennel, almonds, radish, lemon olive oil 9.

Arugula salad
apple, pistachios, raisins, red wine vinaigrette 9.

Frisee salad
lardons, watermelon radish, pickled red onion, pecorino, sherry vinaigrette 10.


Wood fire grilled burger*
baby greens, pickled red onion, mustard aïoli on brioche bun 10.
add farm egg 1. add white cheddar 2. add Point Reyes blue 1.
add crisp pork belly 2. add buttermilk onion rings 1.

clarklewis risotto
parmesan, bacon lardons, rapini 13.

Cavatappi “mac & cheese”
bread crumbs, parmesan, roasted garlic 12.

Crispy potato confit
braised pork belly, fried farm egg, harissa, créme fraîche, chives 13.

Hanger steak salad
mixed baby greens, carrots, watermelon radish, onion rings, Point Reyes blue dressing 15.

Pacific salmon
Bluebird Farms farro, baby carrots, salsa verde 17.

three course lunch special* 15.

Potato leek soup
parmesan, olive oil

clarklewis gyro
curry lamb sausage, mixed greens, pickles, raita

Olive oil gelato
chocolate olive oil sauce, sea salt


*no substitutions please

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. Cooked to order.


 zero proof

San Pellegrino sparkling flavored soda
aranciata, limonata 3.5
Aqua Panna mineral water (500mL) 3.5
San Pellegrino sparkling water (500mL) 3.5
Cock & Bull Ginger Beer 3.5
Virgil’s Root Beer 3.5

Arnold Palmer   3.
Lemonade   3.
Iced Tea   3.

organic coffee
Caffe Vita Coffe

Brewed coffee   3.5
Espresso   2.5
Cappuccino   3.5
Caffe latte   3.5


Assorted Steven Smith Teamaker   3.

house specialty cocktails

Campari, white wine, soda, orange   9.

vodka, Aperol, orange, lemon, prosecco   9.

moscow mule
New Deal vodka, fresh lime, ginger beer   9.


Boneyard Beer, Diablo Rojo
Bend, OR 6.

Deschutes Brewery, Chainbreaker White IPA
Bend, OR 6.

Georgetown Brewing Co., Porter
Seattle, WA 6.

Pfriem Family Brewers, Outcast IPA
Hood River, OR 6.


Anchor Brewing, Anchor Steam
San Francisco, CA 5.

Full Sail Brewing, Cascade Pilsner
Mt Hood, OR 5.

Ninkasi Brewing Co., Oatis Oatmeal Stout
Eugene, OR 5.

Omission, Gluten Free Pale Ale
Portland, OR 5.

Pelican Brewery, Silverspot IPA
Pacific City, OR 5.

Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider, Revival
Portland, OR 12.



Espresso cacao nib semifreddo
chocolate mousse, hazelnut praline, hazelnut shortbread 10.

Yougurt panna cotta
apricot compote, candied pistachio, saffron honey 9.

clarklewis cookie plate
assorted housemade cookies and biscotti 9.



Kingfisher, Viridian, Groundwork Organics, Gathering Together, DeNoble Farms, Provenance Farm, Sauvie Island Organics, Persephone, Queener Farms, Rain Shadow and Cattail Creek Lamb