Today’s farm to glass cocktail

Strawberry, lemon, grapefruit, ginger, agave syrup, Monopolowa vodka  12.




Potato & porcini mushroom soup

Groundworks potatoes, squash blosoms 9.

Spanish octopus

Cioppino, celery leaves, pickled kohlrabi, Groundworks crispy potatoes 22.

Halloumi cheese

Groundworks cherry tomatoes, balsamic 15.

Artisan  cheese

Roasted nuts, strawberry gelée, house-made pickles, baguette  12. / 16. / 20.

House-made meat board*

Pickled mustard seeds, brioche, house-made pickles 22.



 Early stages cherry tomatoes

Little gem, Groundworks, cherry tomatoes, garlic lemon butter sauce  12.

Market heirloom carrots

Brown lentils, diva cucumber raita, house spices  14.

Hakurei turnips

Olive oil, sea salt, padrón mustard vinaigrette 10.

Radicchio & kale salad

Toasted almonds, bottarga dressing, snap peas, Oregon bing cherries, parmesan  14.

Beets & greens

Marinated beets, watercress, toma della rocca & chèvre whip, sunflower seeds, beet vinaigrette, orange oil 14.

Market salad

Sauvie Island greens, spring vegetables, granola, Groundworks strawberries, loganberries, citrus curd 13.




Charred fennel puree, kohlrabi, onion tops, broccoli, roasted garlic, fennel frond oil  13. / 18.


Reister Farm’s lamb ragù, Groundworks cherry tomato, roasted garlic, pecorino, parsley  14. / 19.

Spaghetti alla carbonara

Salt cod, bacon, shallot, poached egg, roasted garlic, pecorino  14. / 19.




Sautéed Pacific NW salmon, fresh currants, beet greens, safron porcini nage, squid ink & tapioca puff  28.


Fire-grilled Reister Farm’s lamb, fava beans, Sauvie Island baby onions, lamb jus agrodolce 32.*

Pork chop & belly

Fire-grilled Carlton Farm’s pork, beet mostarda, Groundworks cherry tomatoes, sumak, Oregon bing cherry sauce 34.*


Fire-grilled St. Helen’s butcher’s cut, Groundworks potato & caper mash, lacinato kale, peperonata sauce  35.*

Chef’s family-style 4 course tasting menu

An offering of multiple menu options chosen by our chefs; to be shared family style with the entire table 60 per person.

4 course wine pairing to compliment chef’s tasting menu  40 per person.


*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. All other marked selections are cooked to order. Pitted olives may contain fragments of seed or stem. Lamb is prepared and served medium rare unless otherwise indicated. Foraged products are not USDA inspected.



house specialty cocktails

clarklewis manhattan

Temperance Trader bourbon, Carpano Antica, Angostura bitters 13.

the Portland mule

Burnside bourbon, fresh ginger juice, rose water, ginger beer 10.

mod save the queen

Bombay Sapphire, Pimms, Angostura, Raft hibiscus-lavender, prosecco 10.


Aria gin, Aperol, grapefruit juice, lime juice 12.

oaxacan old fashioned

Cazadores Reposado, Vida Mezcal, Angostura, orange 12.

hot julep

Chipotle Rogue whiskey, lime, soda water, muddled mint & jalapeño 12.

doctor Sam

Kahlúa, Bailey’s, Courvoisier, espresso 13.


Pisco, Hot Monkey Vodka, lemon juice, habañero bitters, egg white 12.


Zucca rhubarb amaro, Reagans, prosecco, sugared rim 11.

the rogue

Rogue spruce gin, campari, carpano antica  13.



Barley Brown’s Beer, IPA Baker City, OR 6.5

Everybody’s Brewing Co.,Cash Stout White Salmon, WA 6.5

Double Mountain Brewing Co., Pilsner Hood River, OR 6.5

Boneyard Brewing Co., Red Ale Bend, OR 6.5



Ground Breaker, Gluten-Free Pale Ale Portland, OR 12.

Wandering Aengus, Bloom cider Salem, OR   8.

Einbecker NA beer Einbeck, DE  5.


zero proof

San Pellegrino sparkling water (500mL) 3.5 San Pellegrino flavored sodas (200mL)

aranciata, limonata 3.5 Cock & Bull Ginger Beer 3.5

Bundaberg Brewing Root Beer  5.

oregon  spirits

Aria, Portland dry gin 8. Rogue spruce gin 8.

Aviation, American gin 9. Ransom, Smalls gin 9.

New Deal, vodka 9.

Burnside bourbon  8.

Bull Run, Temperance bourbon 8. Pendleton, Canadian whiskey  9.


Tanqueray  8.

Plymouth  8.

Beefeater 8.

Bombay Sapphire 9.

Hendricks 10.


Monopolowa  8.

Ketel One 8.

Tito’s 8.

Absolute  8.

Grey Goose 9.

Chopin 9.


Cazadores Blanco 8.

Cazadores Resposado 9. Don Julio Blanco 9.

Vida Mezcal 10.

Yéyo  12.

Patron Silver 12.

Herra Dura Reposado 12. Corzo Blanco 13.


Goslings Black Seal 8. Sailor Jerry spiced Rum 8. Captain Morgan 8.

Bacardi Superior 8.

Smith and Cross 9. Appleton Estate 9.

Rhum St. Barth Agricole 10.

Novo Fogo Barrel Aged cachaça 10.


Eagle Rare 9.

Bulleit 9.

Maker’s Mark 9.

Buffalo Trace  9.

Basil Hayden 12.

Woodford Reserve 12.

Blanton’s 12.


Old Overholt 8.

Bulleit rye 9.

Rittenhouse Rye  10.

Sazerac Rye 11.

1776 11.

Michter’s Rye 16.


Jack Daniel’s 8.

Bushmills 8.

Crown Royal 8.

Jameson  9.


Dewar’s White Label     8.

Johnnie Walker Black    11.

Laphroaig 10yr 12.

Glenlivet 12yr 12.

Macallan 12yr 13.

Oban 14yr 16.

Lagavulin 16yr 20.