Today’s farm to glass cocktail

Beet, orange, carrot, lime, Monopolowa vodka 12.



Roasted leek soup
Escarole, pepitas 9.

Artisan cheese
Roasted nuts, housemade cajeta, Grand Central levain, housemade pickles 12. / 16. / 20.

Duck prosciutto, salami, chicken liver mousse, pork pâté, farmer’s terrine, caraway crackers 22.

Seafood stew*
Nahcotta clams, Totten mussels, barley, celery, bacon, cilantro, Grand Central Levain 13.

Market oysters*
Salsa rosa, smoked pink peppercorn mignonette, lemons 18./ 36.



Winter squash
Potatoes, carrots, goat cheese, black trumpets, harissa, tumeric, mint, Grand Central Levain 14.

Grilled carrots
Sauvie Island Farm’s carrots, capers, olives, gremolata 13.

Dungeness crab salad
Gathering Together Farm’s watercress, blood orange, pickled garlic dressing, tarragon, radishes 14.

Beet salad
Jasmine, aged balsamic, Portland Creamery’s goat cheese, turmeric cracker 13.

Caper-anchovy dressing, dried cherries, pine nuts, sage croutons, pecorino 14.



Ricotta, truffle cream sauce, fermented purple cabbage, parsley oil 14. / 19.

Lamb ragú, plum tomatoes, garlic, parmesan, parsley 14. / 19.

Black trumpets, roasted garlic, basil-hazelnut pesto, parmesan 14. / 19.


Steak for two*
21 day aged Tomahawk steak served rare/ medium rare, allow 30 minutes to prepare, comes with
3 side dishes and 2 pairing sauces. 110.

Steelhead, sunchokes, kale, pickled peppers, blood oranges, lemon-caper nage 27.

Reister Farm’s leg, parsnip purée, brussel sprouts, pepitas, raisins, radish, juniper sauce 32.

Carlton Farm’s pork shank, fregula sarda, parmesan, escarole, salsa verde, fresh herbs 28.

Roasted half duck, watercress, kohlrabi, ricotta, Nicola potatoes, capers 35.

Snake River Farm’s top sirloin, Mountain Rose potatoes. romesco sabayon, carrots 29.

Chef ’s family-style 4 course tasting menu
An offering of multiple menu options chosen by our Chefs, to be shared family style with the entire
table 60 per person.

4 course wine pairing to compliment chef ’s tasting menu 40 per person.

*Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness. All other marked selections are cooked to order. Pitted olives may contain fragments of seed or stem. Lamb is prepared and served medium rare unless otherwise indicated. Foraged products are not USDA inspected.



house specialty cocktails

clarklewis manhattan

Burnside bourbon, Carpano Antica, Angostura bitters 13.

the Portland mule

Burnside bourbon, fresh ginger juice, rose water, ginger beer 10.

mod save the queen

Bombay Sapphire, Pimms, Angostura, Raft hibiscus-lavender, prosecco 10.

ginger toddy

Buffalo trace, honey, ginger juice, lemon, clove, hot water 11.

the rogue
Rogue spruce gin, campari, carpano antica 13.

the boulevardier

1776 Rye, Punt e Mes, Campari, on the rock 13.

ultima palabra

Herradura tequila, Maraschino liqueur, Chartreuse, lime juice 12.

oaxacan old fashioned

Cazadores Reposado, Vida Mezcal, Angostura, orange 12.

hot julep

Chipotle Rogue whiskey, lime, soda water, muddled mint & jalapeño 12.

doctor Sam

Kahlúa, Bailey’s, Courvoisier, espresso 13.

the sour Italian

Bulleit rye whiskey, amaretto, sabayon, lemon & orange juice 12.



Laurelwood Brewing Co., Espresso stout Portland, OR 6.5

Pfriem Brewing Co., Pilsner Hood River, OR 6.5

Boneyard Brewing Co., IRA Bend, OR 6.5

Wild Ride Brewing Co., IPA Redmond, OR 6.5



Ground Breaker, Gluten-Free Pale Ale Portland, OR 12.

Finnriver, Farmcrafted Pear Cider 16.9oz Olympic Peninsula, WA 12.

Einbecker NA beer Germany 5.


zero proof

San Pellegrino sparkling water (500mL) 3.5
San Pellegrino flavored sodas (200mL)
aranciata, limonata 3.5
Cock & Bull Ginger Beer 3.5
Bundaberg Brewing Root Beer  5.


oregon  spirits

Aria, Portland dry gin 9.
Rogue spruce gin 9.
Aviation, American gin 9.
Ransom, Smalls gin 9.
New Deal, vodka 9.
Burnside bourbon 9.
Bull Run, Temperance bourbon 9.
Pendleton, Canadian whiskey 9.


Tanqueray 9.
Plymouth 9.
Beefeater 9.
Bombay Sapphire 9.
Hendricks 10.


Monopolowa 9.
Ketel One 9.
Tito’s 9.
Absolute 9.
Grey Goose 9.
Chopin 9.


Cazadores Blanco 9.
Cazadores Resposado 9.
Don Julio Blanco 9.
Vida Mezcal 10.
Patron Silver 12.
Herradura Reposado 12.
Corzo Blanco 13.


Goslings Black Seal 9.
Sailor Jerry spiced Rum 9.
Captain Morgan 9.
Bacardi Superior 9.
Smith and Cross 9.
Appleton Estate 9.
Rhum St. Barth Agricole 10.
Novo Fogo Barrel Aged cachaça 10.


Eagle Rare 9.
Bulleit 9.
Maker’s Mark 9.
Buffalo Trace 9.
Basil Hayden 12.
Woodford Reserve 12.
Blanton’s 12.


Old Overholt 9.
Bulleit rye 9.
Rittenhouse Rye 10.
Sazerac Rye 11.
1776 11.
Michter’s Rye 16.


Jack Daniel’s 9.
Bushmills 9.
Crown Royal 9.
Jameson 9.


Dewar’s White Label 9.
Johnnie Walker Black 11.
Laphroaig 10yr 12.
Glenlivet 12yr 12.
Macallan 12yr 13.
Oban 14yr 16.
Lagavulin 16yr 20.