* Please Note: this is a sample of our dinner menu and can change daily.


Sweet Pea & Avocado Gazpacho  fennel, radish, lemon 11.  v/gf

House Salumi Plate  chef selection of meats, imported & domestic cheeses  22. 

Coquille St. Jacques Tart*  Oregon bay scallop, wild foraged mushrooms**, Gruyere cheese, frisee  20.

Sakura Farms Seared Wagyu  Blooming Junction shishito marmalade, smoked arbequina, parmesan beignet, pickled mustard  25.  

Cold Smoked Columbia King Salmon Carpaccio  shallot, Groundworks Organics radish, bottarga, capers, dehydrated Durant olive oil  19. gf/df

Oysters on the Half Shell*  preserved lemon – white balsamic mignonette 18./32. Six or twelve gf/df


Montecucco Farms Red & Gold Beets  fennel, fava beans hummus, almonds, radish, Cypress Grove chèvre, wild watercress vinaigrette  14.  gf/veg

Wild Harvested Arugula Salad  Flying Fish smoked trout, Groundworks Organic radish, caperberries, honey gold potato, dill – creme frâiche vinaigrette  16.  gf

Zefiro Caesar  whole leaf romaine hearts, garlic, croutons, parmesan 16.   add chicken   8.

Full Circle Farms Frisee Salad  fresh spring peas, pancetta lardons, French beans, persimmon vinaigrette  14.  gf/df 

Topaz Farm Carrots  fennel, Anderson Organics cipollini, crema di pepperoncino, cashew yogurt, roman black lentils, mint   16.  gf/df/v

Crispy Fried Sterino Farms Brussels Sprouts  mint jus, pickled shallot, pecorino tartufo  14.  gf

Wood Roasted Durst Asparagus  everlasting pea puree, wild mushroom** gremolata, Calabrese salami vinaigrette, Boldy Grown radish. 14.  gf

HOUSEMADE PASTA & WOOD FIRED PIZZA  gluten free crust add $4.  gluten free pasta add $4.5

All pasta & dough made using Shepherd’s Grain and Bob’s Red Mill Flours

Herbed Tagliatelle  Tails & Trotters pork sugo, Mustard Seed Farms lacinato kale, pecorino toscano  27.

Meyer Lemon Scented Pappardelle  green garlic pesto, Viva Farms fava beans, hazelnut,  grana padano  24. veg 

2021 Porcini Mushroom Linguine  fresh Oregon morels**, wild harvested everlasting peas, marsala, Farmstead Toma  25. veg

Herbed Kennebeck Gnocchi  truffled Walla Walla sweet onion cream, spring peas, wild foraged mushrooms**, Cypress Grove chèvre 24.

Durst Asparagus Pizza cider onions, fontina, prosciutto, black truffle  18.

House Fennel Sausage & Mushroom Pizza** Cypress Grove chèvre, garlic olive oil, mama lil’s peppers, arugula  18.

Loaded Veggie Pizza  red onion, mama lil’s peppers, green olives, artichokes, roasted mushrooms**, mozzarella, garlic oil base  18.  veg


Carlton Farms Pork Tenderloin*  sweet pea tapenade, Mustard Seed Farms purple sprouting broccoli,
PNW hops flower-licorice glaze, Ralph’s Greenhouse leeks  36.  gf

Wild Caught Columbia King Salmonblue mussel veloute, citrus roasted Boldly Grown Farms radishes,
Babe Farms hakurei turnip, salsa verde  37. gf/df

Pan Roasted Alaska Halibut lightly curried fresh Palouse garbanzo beans & fava beans, passion fruit beurre blanc, fennel, oca  39.  gf

Anson Mills Heirloom Rye Spaetzle  Cascade Organic green garlic, artichoke, Durst asparagus, creme fraiche, pecorino truffelo 27.  veg

Herb Roasted Mary’s Chicken Durst asparagus “cassoulet”, guanciale, Babe Farms hakurei turnip, confit poulet, wild garlic pistou  30. gf/df

Painted Hills Ribeye Steakmustard roasted Montecucco Farms parsnips, house made fennel kraut, horseradish béarnaise, potato straws  52.  gf


NOTE: A 16% service charge (20% for parties of 6 people or more) is added to all sales. 100% of the service charge is retained by
Clarklewis. Our cooks and all front of house team members earn a base wage of at least $15 an hour. Front of house team members
also share 5% of food and beverage net sales, paid as a commission based on hours in a shift. Additionally, the kitchen receives a
percentage of net sales paid as a commission above their base pay. Clarklewis pools additional gratuities for front of house staff and
100% are paid out based on hours worked.

Thank you for supporting Clarklewis!

*consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your chances of food borne illness
** wild mushrooms are not an inspected product