local providers

Caffe Vita-

IT’S ABOUT EXCEPTIONAL COFFEE. Caffe Vita has been roasting coffee in Seattle since 1995. Locally owned and artisanally roasted, they now operate nine cafes in the Pacific Northwest, a roasteria cafe in New York City, and will soon expand to Los Angeles.

Lava Lake Lamb-

On their family ranch outside Sun Valley, Idaho, Lava Lake’s grass-fed lambs range freely over nearly one million acres of rangeland, raised with care by seasoned shepherds in much the same way they have been raised for centuries. They graze on the natural bounty of a vast and biologically diverse landscape. The result: fit, healthy animals that make the most delicious, tender, nutrient-rich meat.

Denison Farm-

For 30 years, Tom Denison has been growing produce and selling direct to Oregon consumers. Our 20-acre farm is located just north of Corvallis, overlooking the Jackson- Frazier Wetland. We aim to grow top-quality food for our local community. We grow well over a hundred different varieties of organic fruits and vegetables. This allows us to have a wide selection of fruits and vegetables in our Harvest Box and at our farmers’ markets even if the weather or other conditions cause one or two crops to produce poorly. We market through several different outlets: direct to the local cooperative grocery store, through 5 farmers’ markets each week in the summer, our 26-week Harvest Box (CSA) memberships, and we sell a few crops through a local produce wholesale business (Organically Grown Company). We particularly enjoy meeting our farmers’ market customers and our Harvest Box members. As we share our produce with you, we get to know you. We trade recipes, we meet your families, we build relationships. It feels good! In this fragmented world, it is healthy to build relationships, particularly around something as wholesome as real food.

Gathering Together Farm-

GTF is an enterprise in certified organic vegetable and fruit production that began in 1987. With a home base just south of Philomath, Oregon on Grange Hall Road. Their fields are small odd shaped parcels of land, 1 to 5 acres in size, hugging the Mary’s River. All totaled, they farm over 50 acres.

Grand Central Bakery-

Grand Central Bakery is a fresh, locally grown company dedicated to the craft of artisan baking and scratch cooking. Led by a unique mixture of family and friends along with some of the region’s most talented bakers and cooks, Grand Central Bakery features a vibrant wholesale artisan bread line and a friendly collection of neighborhood bakeries in Seattle and Portland.

Groundwork Organics-

Located on ninety certified organic acres just north of Eugene, Oregon along the Willamette River. Groundwork Organics is in their eleventh season growing a wide variety of specialty fruits and vegetables for sale at farmer’s markets and through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program throughout Oregon.

Kingfisher Farms-

Tucked up next to the Nehalem River in a valley bordering Clatsop and Tillamook Counties, Jeff Trenary has had the pleasure of tilling 15 beautiful acres on a peaceful 20-acre property for 16 years. Jeff farms his land organically and tries to follow biodynamic principles. He fertilizes with chicken manure, fishmeal, rock dust and gypsum. By using cloches and greenhouses until May or June, Jeff can farm year-round. Kingfisher Farm produces over 34 different varieties of vegetables and salad greens, but potatoes are what sustain the farm through the winter. About seventy-five percent of Jeff’s business is with restaurants and the rest is divided between local farmer’s markets in Astoria, Portland and Newport; his 30 member C.S.A.; and natural foods markets like the Community Store. Jeff’s commitment to organic farming requires a giant amount of labor, love and financial risk but pays off with his admittedly great lifestyle. Only a 15 -minute drive from the nearest break, Jeff surfs whenever he can and works the soil whenever he’s not surfing.

Sauvie Island Organics-

Thier farm is located 15 miles from downtown Portland, nestled among farmland and wildlife refuges. For over a decade they have been growing vegetables in the rich soils of Sauvie Island. They are dedicated to providing delicious, seasonal, local foods to Portland area residents through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

Viridian Produce-

Owned by Leslie and Manuel Recio, viridian farms is located on Grand Island, Oregon — an inland river island encircled by the Willamette river and Lambert slough. The fertile land has been farmed for generations, and was originally homesteaded by the Rockhill family in the late 1800s.

Unconventional in our approach to row crop farming, we draw on our cultural backgrounds, travel experiences, and most importantly, our food experiences to guide our crop selections. The culinary origin of the over 100 unique herbs, edible flowers, fruits, and vegetables they grow are primarily comprised of varieties that are typical of the cuisines of France, Italy, and Spain — with a notable emphasis on Basque ingredients.

Affirming their local foodshed’s traditions, they also grow several heirloom and Pacific Northwest crops including berries and orchard fruits.

It is their passion for growing these varieties – and the reward of sharing them with others that motivates them to farm the way they do.